Moh Koh Angthong National Park in Surathani, Thailand

One of the most beautiful islands in Thailand can be seen in the southern part. The Angthong National Marine Park is made up of 42 islands which are mostly steep limestone mountains. They are beautiful and strange as well.

We were picked up by our chartered speed boat from Donsak pier. From there, it would take an hour to get to the main island which has the office and accommodation. Since it was late, the water was a bit rough. It was already dark when we arrived at the island, we actually loved it!


Trail to the top

Accommodations are varied. They have tents and houses for many people as well. We chose to stay in a dormitory like house.On the main island, they turned off power after 10 pm because they generate their electricity from solar panels. It was actually fun to just stay at the beach with the moon lighting the way.


The view was worth everything!

The next morning, we decided to go up to the trail for the view of the entire park. It was a tough climb. The rocks were steep and slippery. However the view was definitely worth it.


Coming from the top

After breakfast, we toured the islands. The first stop was an island with a lagoon in the middle. The water couldn’t get in or out of the place, so they said that there are many big fish in there. We weren’t allowed to swim in the place.


The Emerald Lagoon

Then we continued to the Sam Sao Island ( TheThree Ladies), it has a unique kind of rock that really looked like faces. There, we had our lunch and stayed for kayaking and swimming.


Sam Sao Islan

When it was getting late, the boat took us to another beach for the sunset. It was a deserted beach just for us. It was the best day for us in Thailand.




The perfect sight to end the day


General Information :

From Donsak Pier, it is not possible to go directly to the National Park if you don’t charter a speed boat. Take the big ferry boat to Koh Samui and stay there for the night.

Arrange for a day trip to the national park with any travel agents or your hotel. It’s a one day trip which includes snorkeling and island hopping. Don’t forget to climb up to the view point. It is worth the extra effort.

Day trip cost about 1000 baht or up depending on the kind of boat your choose. The package includes food and life jacket.

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