A Tragedy in Bohol, Philippines

October 15,2013

I was waiting for my flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when I got a message from a friend. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Cebu and Bohol, Philippines; my hometown. I immediately dialed home and got hold of my mom. It was a real relief when I heard her voice. She told me how they panicked when it started shaking so hard and things inside the house started to fall. They ran outside the house and stayed away from big buildings. While I was talking to her,she would tell me when there’s an after shock. As of this time, about 850 aftershocks have been registered.

After talking to her,  I immediately browsed the news and was so horrified at the images. Bohol is known for its century old churches, what I saw were ruins. The  epicenter of the earthquake was in Carmen which is where the Chocolate Hills is. It was disheartening to see the destruction. About 80 people died because of buildings crumblings. Thankfully, it was a national holiday so nobody was at school and most people stayed at their homes.



Mother nature gave Bohol bountiful natural beauty, she also has the power to destroy them. Tragedy happens every where, the only option is to pray and be safe in the thought that other people are thinking and trying to help in whatever way they can.

I wrote about a post about Bohol and the photo below is the result of the earthquake.

The Chocolate Hills after

I saw this image as my friend’s profile picture and thought it appropriate indeed.  


I’m writing this on my phone so please excuse the format and errors. I’m out for 10 days but I’ll be updating via Twitter @momentsinurlife.

Keep safe everyone.

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43 thoughts on “A Tragedy in Bohol, Philippines

  1. I am glad your family is safe. I am sad though about the destruction of the churches. But you are right, what matters more is that the faith remains strong and solid.


  2. It was our first time to experience such an earthquake that strong. It left us scared and paranoid with the countless aftershocks still striking. Thankfully, that day was declared a holiday for the Filipino Muslims’ annual feast of sacrifice, and so students weren’t in school. Had it not been a holiday, I don’t know what would happen to a lot of children in schools.

    It’s just so sad to see those century-old churches, the Chocolate Hills and other properties damaged, but what saddens us most are the lives that were lost. True, we need to rise above this tragedy, or with any tragedy for that matter.

    Glad that your family here is safe. Take care there too! 


    • Hope you’re safe there guys. I’m still checking updates and they’re still experiencing aftershocks until now. A smaller scale earthquake happened this morning too. Some parts of the province is experiencing heavy rain and thunderstorm too. The infrastructures can be replaced, but the lives lost are what saddened me the most. Thanks guys.


  3. I am sorry to hear about the destruction in your lovely home province. Your people are strong. They will recover from this tragedy. The blood of Francisco Dagohoy flows in your veins. Boholanos will survive and rebuild a stronger Bohol.


    • Thanks, Hien. I’m still checking ways to help too,they are providing some donation accounts but I’ll have to double check. I’ll update when I’ve got them. Thanks


  4. Such a sad story, thanks for your local insight. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be hit by an earthquake. My thoughts are with you and all of those affected.


  5. Living in an active earthquake region here in Turkey I know and appreciate the risks of what mother nature can throw at us. Glad to hear your loved ones are safe. Scary times though.
    Best wishes from Clan Spike…


    • Thank you, Clan Spike. It was a real surprise because the last strong earthquake I can remember happening there was like 20+ years ago. Mother nature is indeed powerful.


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